Puppy Program

 Like human babies, puppies go through various stages of development. Four weeks to 4 months is considered the most critical period in forming personality. Will he be friendly and out going? Will she be shy? Certainly there are genetics at work here, but a carefully crafted socialization program can have a huge impact. We not only provide experience with other pups and carefully selected older dogs who can teach your pup alot, we also get your little one used to being handled by various people. A few times throughout the day, we will take your puppy into the grooming room to get used to the tub, table and dryer. We make it so much fun he will be begging to stay! This will help him adjust to Veterinary experiences as well. We also work on basic obedience cues like "sit", "stay" and "come". We will also crate train while they are with us, which aides in poddy training.  Once your puppy has had his second immunizations he can start the program. We feel like this program can make such a difference in a dog's life. After 4 months of age, your pup should be adaptable to almost any situation, making you a proud fur-pup parent! After your pup is vaccinated with the 2nd booster we recommend you wait one week to let your little one build up full immunity. Let us give your puppy a second home while your at work!
 Congratulations to your new addition to the family!

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